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Golf Players Program at Eagle Mountain Golf Club

Arizona Golf Instructor Derek Nannen

The Player’s Program is a comprehensive 4 month program designed to improve all areas of your game, including on-course management taught by Derek Nannen.  Video analysis’ of your swing, putting stroke, chipping, pitching, and on-course swings will be are all recorded and reviewed.

The first lesson is a 3 hole on-course evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses.  This gives me an opportunity to see where we need to focus our time.  We will then do video analysis and begin to implement the necessary changes.  This lesson usually takes about 2 hours.  We will meet every week after that for an hour.  Once a month, a lesson will be on-course to evaluate your overall progress.

The cost of the program is $975.  It is a $1700 value but I priced it such that if you can't make a week or two you are still getting a great value.  The program ends after 4 months.  No makeups or refunds.  I am strict about this because the consistency of lessons is important for you to see long term improvement.

Reserve now, availability is extemely limited.

Derek Nannen

Director of Instruction

Eagle Mountain Golf Academy


Phone: (602) 762-5000

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